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Ark 2
Ark 2 

Ark 2 was officially announced at the Game Awards 2020, and fans have been eagerly awaiting more information about this exciting expansion.

In this article, we’ll delve into the latest updates, including the release date, gameplay details, and the involvement of Hollywood star Vin Diesel. So, let’s dive in and explore!

Ark 2 Details:

Game NameArk 2
Game Mode Multiplayer
Developer Studio Wildcard
Release Date2024
 Pre-order NowFor Xbox One/Series X –  ARK: Survival Evolved

Release Date and Trailer Information

Ark 2’s release date has been confirmed for the end of 2024 on Xbox Series X|S and PC. This announcement came as a surprise to many, as the game was initially slated for release before July 2023. The decision to delay the launch was made after careful consideration by the studio, with the aim of delivering the best possible gaming experience. Ark 2 will also be available on Game Pass at launch, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of players.

While we eagerly await the release, let’s take a closer look at the trailers that have been released so far. Although no in-engine footage has been shown yet, the trailers provide a glimpse into the post-apocalyptic world of Ark 2.

The setting is rich with survival references, lush environments, and, of course, dinosaurs. Vin Diesel’s character, Santiago, takes center stage, adding an intriguing element to the game’s lore. The trailers have left us hungry for more, and we can’t wait to see the gameplay when it is revealed in 2024.

Pre-Order Information

Pre-orders for Ark 2 have not yet been announced. However, given the game’s highly anticipated release, it is likely that pre-order options will become available closer to the launch date. Keep an eye out for updates from the studio and retailers to secure your copy of Ark 2 in advance.

Supported Consoles and Platforms

Ark 2 will be available on Xbox Series X|S and PC, ensuring a wide range of players can embark on this thrilling adventure. The game will also be accessible through Game Pass at launch, providing subscribers with the opportunity to dive into the world of Ark 2 from day one. Whether you prefer console or PC gaming, Ark 2 has you covered.

Gameplay, Story Details, and Other News

Ark 2 aims to return to the sandbox survival gameplay that made the original game a massive success. Players can expect a vast and immersive world filled with challenges, exploration, and, of course, dinosaurs. The game will utilize Unreal Engine 5, a cutting-edge technology that promises to deliver an unprecedented scope and visual experience.

One of the most exciting aspects of Ark 2 is the involvement of Vin Diesel. He will be portraying Santiago, a clone of a character from the original game’s lore. Santiago is described as a “24th-century Mek-pilot, gearhead, and freedom fighter,” suggesting that he has the skills and experience to navigate the dino-infested world. While it is unlikely that players will be able to control Santiago directly, his presence adds depth to the game’s narrative and raises intriguing questions about the lore.

The development of Ark 2 has been a lengthy process, with the initial release window of 2022 being pushed back multiple times. The studio’s decision to delay the launch to the end of 2024 reflects their commitment to delivering a polished and exceptional gaming experience. The team has been expanding to ensure they meet the high expectations set by fans, and the utilization of Unreal Engine 5 will undoubtedly contribute to the game’s visual and technical prowess.


When will Ark 2 be released?

The studio has announced that game will be revealed in 2024

Will Ark 2 be available on PlayStation 5?

No, Ark 2 will be exclusive to Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms.

Can we play as Santiago in Ark 2?

While it is unlikely that players will have direct control over Santiago, his character will play a significant role in the game’s narrative. More details about Santiago’s involvement will be revealed in the future.

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