Call of the Night Season 2: Release date, cast, plot, and more

Call of the Night Season 2
Call of the Night Season 2

The highly anticipated second season of the popular Japanese manga series, “Call of the Night,” is expected to captivate fans once again with its unique blend of romance, supernatural elements, and captivating storytelling. Written and illustrated by Kotoyama, the series gained immense popularity and received its own anime adaptation in 2022.

In this article, we will explore the release date prediction, what to expect from the upcoming season, the cast, and delve into the intriguing plot that has left fans eagerly awaiting the continuation of this enthralling story.

Call of the Night season 2:

NameBoruto Two Blue Vortex
Release Dateearly 2024
Streaming Platformscrunchyroll

Call of the Night season 2 Release Date

While no official statement has been released regarding the renewal of “Call of the Night” for a second season, the overwhelming success and popularity of both the manga series and the first season of the anime adaptation make it highly likely that a second season will be produced.

With fifteen volumes of the manga published as of March 2023, there is an abundance of source material for the animators to draw upon. If the series is renewed, fans can expect “Call of the Night” Season 2 to be released in late 2023 or early 2024.

Call of the Night season 2 Cast

Fans can expect to see the return of the talented voice actors who brought the characters to life in the first season. The cast for “Call of the Night” Season 2 is expected to include:

  • Ko Yamori – Voiced by Gen Sato
  • Nazuna Nanakusa – Voiced by Sora Amamiya
  • Hatsuka Suzushiro – Voiced by Azumi Waki
  • Nico Hirata – Voiced by Eri Kitamura
  • Seri Kikyo – Voiced by Haruka Tomatsu
  • Kabura Honda – Voiced by Shizuka Itou
  • Akihito Akiyama – Voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino
  • Anko Uguisu – Voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro

Call of the Night season 2 What to Expect

“Call of the Night” Season 2 promises to continue the captivating narrative that has enthralled fans since its inception. Building upon the foundation laid in the first season, viewers can anticipate further exploration of the complex relationships between the characters and the supernatural world they inhabit. The second season is likely to delve deeper into the themes of love, self-discovery, and the consequences of embracing one’s true nature.

Call of the Night season 2 Plot

“Call of the Night” follows the story of Ko Yamori, a disillusioned middle school student who is dissatisfied with his mundane life and unable to comprehend the concept of love. Seeking solace in the night, Ko embarks on nocturnal adventures, plagued by insomnia and a sense of emptiness. It is during one of these escapades that he encounters Nazuna Nanakusa, a girl who offers him a different perspective on life.

Nazuna, a vampire, introduces Ko to the joys of being a nightwalker, and he becomes enamored with the idea of becoming a vampire himself. However, the key to his transformation lies in falling in love with Nazuna. As the anime progresses, Ko’s journey intertwines with a diverse cast of supernatural characters, leading to unexpected encounters and personal growth.


When can we expect the release of “Call of the Night” Season 2?

If the series is renewed, fans can anticipate the release of the second season in late 2023 or early 2024.

Who will be in the cast of “Call of the Night” Season 2?

The voice actors from the first season are expected to reprise their roles in the second season, ensuring continuity and familiarity for the viewers.

What is the plot of “Call of the Night”?

The series follows the story of Ko Yamori, a middle school student who becomes disillusioned with his daily life. His encounter with a vampire named Nazuna Nanakusa leads him on a journey of self-discovery and love.

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