Cities Skylines 2 Release Date: Gameplay, Trailer, pre order

Cities Skylines 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the best city builder game on the market. With recent Q&As on Twitter and a growing community eagerly awaiting its release, it’s quickly becoming one of the most anticipated upcoming PC games.

 This article covers everything we know about Cities Skylines 2, including its release date, platforms, gameplay, and more.

Cities Skylines II Details

Game NameCities Skylines II
SeriesCities Skylines
Game ModeSingle-player
DeveloperColossal Order, Tantalus Media
Release Date23 october 2023
 Pre-order NowFor Ps4 & PS5 – Cities Skylines ll
For Xbox One/Series X – Cities Skylines ll

Cities Skylines 2 Release Date:

Cities Skylines 2

Release Date

The Cities Skylines 2 release date is set for 23 october 2023. As the original game celebrates its 8th anniversary, the community is more than ready for a sequel.


Cities Skylines 2 will be available on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S when it launches later this year.


You can watch the first Cities Skylines 2 trailer here, which isn’t actual gameplay from the upcoming city builder but does give us a little insight into what Paradox and developer Colossal Order want to achieve with the title.

Cities Skylines II Gameplay: What’s New?

While actual gameplay footage has yet to be released, we have some hints as to how Cities Skylines 2 gameplay will evolve over the original title. It’s dubbed the “most realistic city builder – ever” on its Steam page, where it also mentions “new epic scale.” Leaked achievements suggest you can utilize 150 map tiles in a single city rather than the nine from the original game. There are also mentions of hailstorms, tornados, and forest fires – some of which were only available via DLC packs for the original game. You’ll also be able to “Follow a citizen’s lifepath from childhood to old age,” which suggests a depth of simulation much greater than the OG Cities Skylines.

“With unprecedented customization and player control, Cities: Skylines 2 will continue to push boundaries for the city-building franchise,” said Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive. The official press release states that you’ll be able to experience the managing of everything from individual households to the transport and economy systems of the city, including plenty of construction and customization options and “advanced modding capabilities.” It says this will be the “most open-ended city-building sandbox on the planet,” so there are lofty goals here.

Will Cities Skylines 2 multiplayer exist?

In March, colossal Order posted a short Q&A on the studio’s official Twitter account. In response to a question asking whether there would be scope to add multiplayer, the devs said: “Adding multiplayer support takes an incredible amount of time and resources that would take away from building the core player experience we are striving to create.” So we won’t be seeing multiplayer come to Cities: Skylines 2. While clever players of the original game have modded in multiplayer support, it’s never been an official feature of the Cities Skylines series.

Will Cities Skylines 2 be available on Xbox Game Pass?

Cities Skylines 2 will be a part of the complete Xbox Game Pass list, meaning that any Game Pass subscribers can play the new city builder from day one through the service. 

It is yet to be confirmed whether Cities Skylines 2 will be available for both Xbox and PC Game Pass players, although this does appear to be the case.


When is Cities Skylines 2 coming out?

Cities Skylines 2 release date is set for 23 october 2023.

On which platforms will Cities Skylines 2 be available?

Cities Skylines 2 will be available on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

Will Cities Skylines 2 be available on Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, Cities Skylines 2 will be a part of the full Xbox Game Pass list, allowing subscribers to play the game from day one through the service

Will Cities Skylines 2 have multiplayer?

No, Cities Skylines 2 will not have multiplayer, as the developers have stated that adding multiplayer support would take away from building the core player experience.


Cities Skylines 2 is shaping into an exciting evolution of the city-building genre, with new features, improved gameplay, and a more realistic experience. As we eagerly await its release in 2023, stay tuned for more updates and information on this highly anticipated game.

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