Top 5 Strategies for Discovering Diamonds in Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft 1.20 has revolutionized the gaming landscape, yet the allure of diamonds remains undiminished. These precious gems continue to be the cornerstone of Mojang’s sandbox masterpiece, their rarity only adding to their appeal. Despite the game’s evolution, the quest for diamonds remains a top priority for players.

Here, we present the five best strategies to enhance your diamond-hunting prowess in Minecraft 1.20.

5 best tips for finding diamonds in Minecraft:

diamonds in Minecraft
diamonds in Minecraft

1. Take advantage of a crafting table

Mining expeditions often hit two major roadblocks – the rapid depletion of pickaxes and limited inventory space. The crafting table and the necessary pickaxes sticks can be your saviour.

While mining, you’ll accumulate a significant amount of stone. Use these to craft stone pickaxes continually. As one break, craft another and resume your mining. Remember, sticks are also essential for torches.

Moreover, you can optimize your inventory space by crafting items into blocks. For instance, two stacks of coal can be transformed into coal blocks, significantly saving space. A crafting table is a must-have for any long-lasting diamond hunt.

2. Explore the Caves:

While strip mining can yield diamonds, it can be a tedious process. Moreover, post the 1.19 update; there’s no universal area like Y level 11 to guarantee diamond finds.

Caves, on the other hand, offer a more enjoyable and fruitful alternative. Diamonds are more visible and abundant in caves. Plus, the thrill of exploration adds an element of fun to the mining process. Caves are a treasure trove of various ores, making them an ideal location for any mining expedition in Minecraft.

3. Always Carry a Water Bucket

The deeper you delve into Minecraft, the higher your chances of discovering diamonds. However, this also increases the likelihood of encountering vast lava pools. A water bucket is crucial to neutralize this threat, transforming the lava into a traversable path.

The 1.19 update has also made caves larger, increasing the risk of fall damage. A water bucket can mitigate this risk, making it an indispensable tool for any mining adventure.

4. Go below level 16

Diamond ore can theoretically spawn anywhere in Minecraft, but there are specific levels where they are more likely to be found. Diamonds can be discovered as low as Y level -64 and as high as Y level 16.

While other ores can spawn above level 16, diamonds will not. If diamonds are your target, ensure your mining expedition stays below level 16.

5. Excavate Around the Ore

Diamond ore can spawn in veins of up to seven, a rare but exciting find. However, it’s common to uncover just one ore. In such cases, and generally, it’s advisable to mine the surrounding area for potential hidden diamonds.

Multiple diamond ores occasionally spawn in a “vein” but may not be immediately visible. Mining the surrounding area ensures you don’t miss out on hidden gems.


Why is a water bucket essential in Minecraft 1.20?

A water bucket is crucial to neutralize the threat of lava pools and mitigate the risk of fall damage in larger caves.

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