How to Get Wool in Minecraft: Get Wool in 4 Ways

Minecraft, a game that has captivated millions with its unique blend of creativity and survival, offers many items and blocks for players to utilize. Among these, wool stands out as a versatile and essential item.

Wool is a must-have whether crafting, building, or trying to outsmart sculk sensors. Available in 16 vibrant colors, it adds a splash of creativity to your Minecraft world. But how do you get wool in Minecraft? Let’s delve into the four main ways.

How to Get Wool in Minecraft

Get wool in Minecraft 1
Get Wool in Minecraft

#1. Harvesting Wool from Sheep:

Sheep are the most direct source of wool in Minecraft. In the game’s early stages, when resources are limited, hunting sheep can provide you with wool. The color of the wool you collect will correspond to the color of the sheep, which can range from white, light gray, gray, black, and brown to pink.

Get Wool in Minecraft
Get Wool in Minecraft

However, a more sustainable and animal-friendly method is shearing the sheep. This yields 1-3 wool and allows the sheep to regrow its wool, providing a continuous supply. Remember, baby sheep cannot be sheared, and do not drop wool when eliminated.

#2. Crafting Wool:

Crafting Wool
Crafting Wool

Crafting is your best bet if you’ve set up a general mob farm and need large quantities of wool. You can use your crafting table or 2×2 crafting grid to gather four strings to produce one white wool block. This method is beneficial when you have an abundance of string from your mob farm.

#3.Trading with Shepherd Villagers:

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Engaging in trade with Shepherd Villagers is another effective way to acquire wool. Novice Shepherds will buy wool from you, but as they level up, they may sell you wool of every color in exchange for emeralds. This method provides you with wool and helps you build relationships with the villagers.

#4.Exploring Minecraft Worlds: The Adventurous Path

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Wool can be found in various structures throughout your Minecraft world. Here are a few places where wool is abundant:

  • Woodland Mansion: These mansions house statues of a cat, chicken, and an illager made from wool. You can also find rooms filled with blue wool, beds made of white wool, and carpets of multiple colors.
  • Villages: In plains villages, white and wool be found in the Shepherd’s and Fletcher’s houses and as overhangs covering meeting points. Light gray wool blocks can be found in certain homes in snowy villages.
  • Pillager Outpost: These outposts are surrounded by tents made from white wool.
  • Ancient City: Wool can be found in ancient cities due to its unique interaction with sculk sensors. Look for gray wool on walls and floors and cyan, light blue, and blue wool in certain parts of the structure.

Remember, while a string can be crafted into wool, the reverse is not possible.


Can I get wool from baby sheep in Minecraft? 

 No, baby sheep cannot be sheared and do not drop wool when eliminated.

Can I convert wool back into a string?

No, while string can be crafted into wool, the reverse is not possible.

Can I find wool in every Minecraft village? 

Yes, but the type and quantity of wool can vary depending on the village’s location.

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