How to ride camels in Minecraft 1.20 update

How to ride camels in Minecraft: The Minecraft 1.20 update introduces a new ridable mob, the majestic camel. These creatures make the desert more lively and serve as the ultimate combat vehicle in the game.

In this guide, we will explore how to ride a camel in Minecraft, including taming, saddling, and controlling these unique mobs. We will also discuss the benefits of riding camels and how they compare to horses.

 What is a Camel in Minecraft?

How to ride camels in Minecraft

Camels in Minecraft 1.20 are rideable passive mobs that spawn in desert villages. They are one of the tallest mobs in the game, even taller than Endermen. What makes camels unique is their ability to carry two players simultaneously, a feature only shared by boats and rafts in Minecraft.

 How to Tame and Ride a Camel in Minecraft

Unlike horses, camels do not require taming before riding. However, you will need a saddle to control the camel’s movement. Here’s how to obtain a saddle and ride a camel in Minecraft:

How to Get a Saddle in Minecraft

Saddles, including camels, are item blocks used to ride and steer mobs in Minecraft. You cannot craft a saddle on a crafting table; you must find one within your world. Saddles can be found in chests at various locations, such as dungeons, ancient cities, and desert temples. You can also trade with master-level leatherworker villagers or kill Striders and Ravagers, who drop saddles when defeated.

Steps to Ride a Camel in Minecraft

  • Approach a camel and right-click or use the secondary action key to mount it.
How to ride camels in Minecraft
  • Then, open your inventory (E Key), which will appear merged with the camel’s inventory. Place the saddle in its dedicated cell within the camel’s inventory there.
  • close the inventory and use your movement keys to ride it around. If you press and hold the jump key, the camel will take a boosted leap. Its cooldown will appear temporarily in place of your experience bar.

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Benefits of Riding a Camel in Minecraft

Riding a camel in Minecraft offers several advantages:

  • Safety: Sitting at a higher height makes it difficult for most common hostile mobs, such as zombies, to reach you.
  • Dual Riding: Camels can carry two players simultaneously, making them ideal for multiplayer servers.
  • Combat: With two players on a camel, one can drive while the other deals with mobs using a bow and arrows.
  • Disguise: Camels’ sand-like textures make them harder to spot in desert environments.

Camel vs. Horse: Which is Better for Riding?

Both camels and horses are reliable options for traveling across the Minecraft world. Here’s a quick comparison to help you decide which mob to choose:

Special AbilityRechargeable Leap BoostNone
Additional SafetyHeight AdvantageNone
Riders2 Players1 Player
TamingNot RequiredRequired
ArmorNoneFive Types
Mob LootNoneLeather

Camels are more suitable for fighting mobs and traveling with friends, while horses are better for exploring the world and quickly escaping enemies. However, neither can compete with mules, which offer additional storage for players.


Where do camels spawn in Minecraft?

Camels only spawn in desert villages in Minecraft. They can only be found in other villages or deserts with villages.

Are camels faster than horses in Minecraft?

Horses are generally faster than camels in Minecraft.

Do two players need two saddles to ride a camel?

Only one saddle is required for two players to ride a camel. The saddle shows two seats when placed on the camel’s back.

Which player controls the camel?

The player who sits first on the camel sits in the front and controls the camel without interference from the second player.

Riding camels in Minecraft 1.20 offers a unique and exciting experience for players. These majestic mobs provide several benefits, such as increased safety, dual-riding, and improved combat capabilities. You can make the most of these versatile creatures by understanding how to tame, saddle, and control camels and enhance your Minecraft adventures.