How To Tame An Ocelot In Minecraft

Tame An Ocelot In Minecraft: Ocelots are fascinating creatures in Minecraft that can be tamed and turned into loyal allies. Following a few simple steps, you can gain an ocelot’s trust and have it follow you, providing you with a reliable companion in your adventures.

 In this article, we will guide you through taming an ocelot in Minecraft, regardless of the platform you are playing on. Let’s dive in!

How to find and Tame an Ocelot in Minecraft?:

Where to Find Ocelots:

 Before you start taming an ocelot, you need to find one first. Ocelots can only be found in jungle biomes. When searching for an ocelot, look for them in open spaces since they won’t approach you in close quarters. If you are playing Creative mode, you can use an Ocelot Spawn Egg to summon as many ocelots as you want.

What You Need to Tame Ocelots:

 To tame an ocelot, you must collect at least 20 raw fish (raw cod or salmon). Ocelots will only eat raw salmon or cod, so ensure you have enough to hold their attention. To gather fish, you first need to craft a fishing rod and go fishing in a lake, pond, or river.

How to Tame an Ocelot in Minecraft:

Tame an Ocelo

Whether playing on a PC, mobile device, Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo, these techniques will work on any platform.

So let’s dive in and discover how to tame an ocelot in Minecraft!:

  1. Collect Raw Fish: Begin by venturing to a lake or river and engaging in the age-old fishing practice. Gather at least 20 raw fish, either raw cod or salmon. These will serve as the key to winning over the ocelot’s trust.
  2.  Locate an Ocelot: Head towards a jungle biome in your Minecraft world. Ocelots can be found exclusively in these lush environments. However, exercise caution and avoid getting too close to the ocelot, as it may become startled and flee.
  3.  Offer Raw Fish: With raw fish in hand, patiently wait for the ocelot to approach you. Hold the raw fish and allow the alluring scent to capture the ocelot’s attention.
  4. Feeding the Ocelot: Now comes the crucial moment of feeding the ocelot. The process varies slightly depending on the platform you are playing on:PC: Right-click and hold the raw fish.
    • Mobile: Tap and hold the screen.
    • Xbox: Press and hold LT.
    • PlayStation: Press and hold L2.
    • Nintendo: Press and hold ZL.
    •  Mobile: Tap and hold the screen.
    •  Xbox: Press and hold LT.
    •  PlayStation: Press and hold L2.
  5.  Persistence is Key: Taming an ocelot requires patience and persistence. Continue feeding the ocelot raw fish until you notice red hearts appearing above its head. This indicates that the ocelot has been successfully tamed and is now your loyal ally.
  6.  Taming Baby Ocelots: In older versions of Minecraft, tamed ocelots would grow into cats. However, cats are now a separate mob that can also be tamed with raw fish. If you feed a baby ocelot raw fish, it will eventually grow into an adult.

What You Can Do With Ocelots

Once you have successfully tamed an ocelot, you’ll have a valuable companion to accompany you on Minecraft adventures. However, it’s important to note that, like real cats, tamed ocelots are independent creatures and won’t constantly stay by your side unless you provide them with a reason.

To keep your ocelot close, hold raw fish in your hand. This will act as a bribe, enticing the ocelot to stay nearby. By keeping your ocelot by your side, you’ll gain an advantage when navigating through areas infested with Creepers or other hostile mobs. Some mobs are intimidated by ocelots and will keep their distance, providing you with added protection.