How To Increase Nintendo Switch Download Speed?

How To Increase Nintendo Switch Download Speed

The Nintendo Switch has captured the hearts of countless gaming enthusiasts with its versatile features and impressive library of games. However, there is one common frustration that many users encounter—the sluggishness of downloading new games, especially those big titles.

But fear not! In this article, we are about to unveil a simple yet effective trick that will turbocharge your Nintendo Switch’s download speed, and you probably never knew it existed. Say goodbye to lengthy downloads and say hello to more gaming time!

The Secret to Faster Nintendo Switch Downloads

following easy trick, you can significantly speed up the process.  Here is what you need to do:

  • Navigate to System Settings: Access the main menu on your Nintendo Switch and head to the “System Settings” option.
  • Switch to Internet Settings: Once in the System Settings, locate and select “Internet Settings” to open the network configuration options.
  • Select Connection Settings: Choose “Connection Settings” to manage your network connections within the Internet Settings.
  • MTU Value Adjustment: Among the available options, look for “MTU Value” and click on it to access the MTU configuration.
  • Manually Increase MTU Value: By default, the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) value is often set at 1400, but to enhance your download speed, manually adjust it to 1500.
  • Save and Apply Changes: After increasing the MTU Value, save your changes, and your Nintendo Switch’s download speed will be noticeably faster.

With this quick and straightforward tweak, you can download your favourite games swiftly.


Will this trick work for all Nintendo Switch games?

This trick should work for all games, regardless of size.

Can this trick harm my Nintendo Switch in any way?

No, adjusting the MTU value is a standard network setting and should not harm your device.

Can I use this trick to speed up other internet-related activities on my Nintendo Switch?

Yes, increasing the MTU value can potentially improve the speed of any internet-related activity on your Nintendo Switch.

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