Mario Kart 9: Release Date, story, gameplay & more

Mario Kart 9 Release Date
Mario Kart 9 Release Date

Mario Kart, the legendary franchise that captivated millions of hearts worldwide with its innovative racing mechanics and engaging gameplay, has its enthusiasts eager for the ninth iteration. As Mario Kart 8 Deluxe reaches its twilight years, the anticipation for Mario Kart 9 is more potent than ever.

Mario Kart 9:

Game NameMario Kart 9
SeriesMario Kart
Game Modemultiplier
PC Release Datelate 2024( expected)
 Pre-order NowMario Kart 9

Mario Kart 9 Release Date

Mario Kart 8, originally released for the Wii U back in 2014, was later ported to Nintendo Switch in 2017 as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This move brought the masterpiece of kart racing to an exponentially larger audience. The question on every fan’s lips, of course, is: “When will Mario Kart 9 be released?”

Nintendo has yet to officially announce Mario Kart 9, leaving fans to speculate about the potential release date. However, given the pattern of past releases and current updates, we can make an educated guess.

With the Booster Course Pass slated to add 48 classic tracks to MK8 Deluxe until the end of 2023, and MK8 Deluxe still consistently featuring in top ten game sales charts, it seems unlikely that Mario Kart 9 would be a priority for Nintendo at this juncture. Therefore, the earliest plausible date for the release of Mario Kart 9 could be sometime in 2024.

Could Mario Kart 9 be the Launch Title for Nintendo’s Next-Gen Console?

Mario Kart games have traditionally been associated with a single console generation. For instance, Double Dash!! was the exclusive Mario Kart game for the GameCube. Given this trend, Mario Kart 9 could very well be a launch title for Nintendo’s next-generation console, which is rumoured to be released in 2024.

Mario Kart 9 Rumour:

Mario Kart 9 may be shrouded in mystery, but that doesn’t stop the rumour mill. There are whispers of “active development” and even a “new twist” for the upcoming game. Fans and critics alike are speculating that MK9 could introduce a track editor, new vehicle types like boats and planes, and an exciting line-up of fresh power-ups, circuits, and characters.

Some rumours also suggest a potential change in the game’s title to Mario Kart 10 or Mario Kart Crossroads. However, until Nintendo breaks its silence, we can only wait and see.

Characters and Tracks

A key aspect of the Mario Kart experience is the charismatic array of characters, each bringing a unique flair to the game. Mario Kart 9 is expected to follow suit. Rumours suggest including characters from a range of Nintendo franchises, such as Advance Wars, Animal Crossing, ARMS, Balloon Fight, F-ZERO, Kidicarus, Splatoon, and Zelda.

If this proves accurate, Mario Kart 9 will essentially become a Nintendo all-stars racing game, following in the footsteps of Super Smash Brothers.


When will Mario Kart 9 be released?

As of now, there is no official release date for Mario Kart 9. However, speculation suggests it could be released sometime in 2024.

What new features can we expect in Mario Kart 9?

Rumours suggest the inclusion of a track editor, new vehicle types, and an expanded roster of characters from various Nintendo franchises.

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