PS Plus Free Games September 2023: Leaks, Speculation, Dates

PlayStation Plus subscribers eagerly await the announcement of the free games for September 2023. While leaks are scarce, speculation is rife among the gaming community. Each month, PS Plus members are treated to games that can be claimed and enjoyed for free on their PS4 or PS5 consoles. This article will explore what we can expect (and hope for) in the upcoming month.

What is PS Plus?

PS Plus free games
PS Plus free games

PlayStation Plus is a subscription service offered by Sony that provides various benefits to its members. One of the most exciting perks is the monthly collection of free games. 

As long as your subscription remains active, you can download and play these games without additional cost. The line-up typically includes a diverse mix of small indie titles, blockbuster AAA games, and everything.

PS Plus Essential Games September 2023: Leaks & Speculation

There have been no leaks regarding the PS Plus Essential line-up for September 2023. The official announcement is still a few days away, but we will speculate! Let’s delve into the games we hope to see available for free on PS Plus next month.

FIFA 23 (PS4, PS5)


While the release of EA Sports FC 24 is just around the corner, it would be a pleasant surprise if FIFA 23 were to make its way to PS Plus. FIFA games have historically found their way into the subscription service, but it has yet to happen this year. Offering the last FIFA game for free would be a fantastic gesture to the loyal PlayStation community.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PS4, PS5)

The Witcher 3

Following the immense success of Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s evident that gamers have an insatiable appetite for captivating RPGs. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, one of the greatest RPGs ever, would be a dream addition to the PS Plus line-up. Embark on an epic adventure as Geralt of Rivia and immerse yourself in a rich, immersive world filled with monsters, magic, and morally complex choices.

Unsighted (PS4, PS5)


Unsighted is a remarkable indie game that has garnered praise for its unique gameplay mechanics and captivating storyline. This Metroidvania-style game features a fascinating time mechanic that adds a fresh twist to the genre. Including Unsighted in the PS Plus line-up would introduce even more players to this hidden gem and allow them to experience its innovative gameplay firsthand.

When Will The PS Plus September Essential Games Be Revealed?

The official announcement for the PS Plus Essential games is scheduled for August 30, the last Wednesday of the month. Mark your calendars and get ready to discover the exciting titles that await you in September.

In conclusion, while leaks may be scarce, the anticipation for the PS Plus free games for September 2023 is palpable. Gamers hope to see FIFA 23, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Unsighted games in the line-up. Stay tuned for the announcement on August 30, and prepare to embark on new gaming adventures with your PS Plus subscription.


Can I keep the PS Plus free games forever?

You can only play the free games if your PS Plus subscription remains active. Once your subscription expires, you can no longer access the games.

Are the PS Plus free games available for PS4 and PS5?

Yes, the free games offered through PS Plus are typically available for both PS4 and PS5 consoles.

How do I claim the PS Plus free games?

To claim the free games, you need an active PS Plus subscription. Navigate to the PlayStation Store on your console, locate the free games section, and select the ones you want to add to your library. Once claimed, you can download and play them at your convenience.

Can I play the PS Plus free games offline? 

Once you have downloaded the free games to your console, you can play them offline without an internet connection.

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