Resident Evil 9: Release Date , Leaks and What We Know So Far

Note: The following article contains potential spoilers for Resident Evil 8. If you still need to play the game and wish to avoid spoilers, proceed cautiously.

Resident Evil 9 Release Date

Resident Evil 9, the highly anticipated next installment in the iconic survival horror franchise, has captured the attention of fans worldwide. As we eagerly await the release of this new chapter, let us delve into the details and explore everything we currently know about this upcoming game.

Resident Evil 9 Details

Game NameResident Evil 9
SeriesResident Evil
Game ModeSingle-player
Release DateNovember 2023 (expected)

The Journey So Far:

After the resounding success of the Resident Evil 4 remake, enthusiasts of the series have been pondering the nature of the next Resident Evil, release. While speculations about a potential Resident Evil 5 remake continue to circulate, it appears that Resident Evil 9 will serve as a direct continuation of the storyline established in Resident Evil 8: Village.

Resident Evil 8, also known as Village, stunned players with its captivating narrative and unforgettable characters. The game’s conclusion left fans yearning for more, and the subsequent release of the Shadows of Rose DLC further expanded upon the story, providing players with a chance to experience the concluding events from a different perspective.

Clues to Resident Evil 9’s Direction

The conclusion of Resident Evil Village, along with the Shadows of Rose DLC, offers tantalizing hints regarding the potential direction of Resident Evil 9. However, before we proceed, be aware that spoilers for Resident Evil 8 lie ahead. If you intend to play the game and wish to avoid any plot revelations, consider this your warning.

The Fate of Resident Evil 9

As of now, Capcom has not officially announced a release date for Resident Evil 9, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further details. Nevertheless, various rumors and speculations have been circulating since 2018, suggesting that the development of Resident Evil 9 has been underway for some time. Noted leaker Dusk Golem has stated that they do not anticipate the game’s release before 2024, adding an air of anticipation and excitement to the community.

Unveiling the Storyline

The conclusion of Resident Evil 8 and the Shadows of Rose DLC brought Ethan Winters’ journey to a dramatic end. While we may not witness Ethan’s adventures again, his daughter Rose appears to join forces with Chris Redfield’s “Hound Wolf Squad.” This intriguing development could lay the foundation for the events of Resident Evil 9.

The Protagonist Puzzle

In Resident Evil 9, players might take on the role of Rose, showcasing her supernatural abilities and delving deeper into her character. Alternatively, Chris Redfield’s involvement cannot be dismissed, given the revelation at the end of Resident Evil 8, which hints at the BSAA’s questionable utilization of bio-weapons for their own purposes.

Leaks and Speculation

Unconfirmed leaks and speculative rumors have begun to surface, shedding light on what Resident Evil 9 may have in store for players. Tentatively titled “Apocalypse,” the game is said to revolve around the concept of the “ninth moon phase,” possibly indicating an ominous and mystical theme. Moreover, whispers suggest that the game will be set in a “ghost town” in Western America, where players will confront deformed creatures inspired by mythology.

Proceed with Caution

However, it is crucial to approach these leaks and speculations with caution, as they remain unverified at this stage. Even if they hold some truth, Capcom reserves the right to modify and alter these details as they see fit. Therefore, taking all information with a pinch of salt is essential, as the final product may deviate from these early impressions.


As we eagerly anticipate the release of Resident Evil 9, we can’t help but feel excited about the potential it holds. While Capcom has yet to provide an official release date, the buzz surrounding the game continues growing.

The hints and leaks we have explored here offer a glimpse into the possible direction of the game, including the fate of key characters and the eerie setting that awaits us. It is essential to approach all leaked information cautiously, as these details are subject to change.

Regardless, the future looks promising for Resident Evil fans as we prepare to embark on another thrilling survival horror adventure.

Note: The information provided in this article is based on leaks and speculation and should be taken with a grain of salt. Capcom holds the authority to modify these details

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