Sony PS5 Pro: release date, Rumored and Features of Next-Gen Consoles

Sony PS5 Pro: The gaming world is abuzz with whispers of the Sony PS5 Pro, a rumoured upgrade to the current PS5 console. While Sony has yet to officially confirm its existence, reliable insiders and industry experts are confident that it’s in the pipeline.

This article delves into the speculated release date, features, and potential impact of the Sony PS5 Pro on the next-gen console landscape.

Exciting Updates on the PS5 Pro (Latest News as of July 3)

ps5 pro
sony ps5 pro
  • According to Microsoft’s predictions, a PS6 console might be released in 2028. This suggests that a PS5 Pro could potentially bridge the gap between generations as an upgraded version of the PS5.
  • Phil Spencer, from Microsoft, has stated that there are no immediate plans for an upgraded Xbox Series X. This implies that the PS5 Pro could stand as a unique offering in the market.
  • The CEO of Take-Two Interactive, a renowned publisher responsible for games like GTA 6, has expressed their belief in the eventual release of the PS5 Pro.
  • A trusted source known for reliable leaks has confirmed that the development of the PS5 Pro is underway and that developers may receive dev kits as early as this year.

The PS5 Pro: A Logical Evolution

The concept of a PS5 Pro aligns with the trend of mid-generation console upgrades, serving as a bridge between the PS5 and the speculated PS6. This approach seems particularly plausible given Microsoft’s recent legal documents hinting at no new PlayStation or Xbox until 2028.

The PS5 Pro is expected to follow the path of its predecessor, the PS4 Pro, which offered enhanced performance and targeted 4K resolution on select titles. The PS5 Pro would likely build on the current PS5’s foundation with upgraded internal components and possibly a visual redesign. However, it’s important to note that this would be an iteration of the existing PS5 hardware, not a full-fledged successor.

Release Date and Price: A Matter of Speculation

The PS5 Pro was initially tipped to launch this year, aligning with the three-year gap between the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. However, recent rumours suggest a potential 2024 release date. This speculation is backed by Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming, who also anticipates a revised standard PS5 model and a new handheld device as part of Sony’s upcoming hardware lineup.

As for the price, it’s challenging to predict without official information. The PS4 Pro launched at $399, the same price as the base PS4 at its release. If the PS5 Pro follows this trend, it could launch for $499. However, given Sony’s willingness to charge premium prices for new hardware, as demonstrated with the PSVR 2, a higher price tag of $599 is not out of the question.

Potential Specs: Aiming for 8K and Ray Tracing

sony ps5 pro

The PS5 Pro’s specs are expected to focus on 8K resolution and ray tracing. The current PS5 does claim to have 8K capacities, but few games run at that resolution on the hardware. The PS5 Pro could potentially leverage new AMD chips to deliver an 8K gaming experience in tandem with Sony’s 8K TVs.

Ray tracing, a rendering technique that produces more realistic lighting effects, is another area where the PS5 Pro could excel. This focus on ray tracing is supported by the involvement of legendary PlayStation console architect Mark Cerny in the creation of the hardware.

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Possible Features: 

The PS5 Pro is unlikely to offer exclusive features or games. Instead, it will likely boast more powerful internal components, enhancing the gaming experience without alienating the existing PS5 user base. The PS5 Pro could also work in harmony with the recently released PSVR 2 headset, potentially leveraging its increased power for improved performance levels or sharper visuals.

Early Outlook:

The PS5 Pro, if released in 2024, could arrive just as the base PS5 console is hitting its stride. However, the PS5 Pro could provide developers with the extra power they need to deliver high-profile games in a more technically impressive state.

The PS5 Pro would likely be marketed towards players who want the highest possible resolution and the most stable framerates. It would co-exist with the standard PS5 hardware, much like the PS4 and PS4 Pro did. With Xbox boss Phil Spencer stating that an upgraded Xbox Series X isn’t expected anytime soon, the PS5 Pro could stand alone in a mid-generation refresh.


When is the PS5 Pro expected to release? 

While there’s no official confirmation, industry insiders speculate a potential 2024 release date.

How much could PS5 Pro cost? 

Based on the pricing trend of previous consoles, the PS5 Pro could launch for $499 or even as high as $599.

What are the expected features of the PS5 Pro?

The PS5 Pro is expected to focus on 8K resolution and ray tracing, offering enhanced performance without exclusive features or games.

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